Yet again we awoke to another cloudy start, but this did not last for too long and we were in for another good days weather.

This day was to be walking along quiet back roads most of the way to Newtonmore for a distance of 16 miles. Before the challenge I was beginning to regret planning a day of tarmac bashing which did not appeal to me, but it was too late by that time to change plan and we just had to get on with it.

The first few miles, I was enjoying the flat smooth surface but after a while the notion soon wore off as the day grew warmer and the surface of the roads seemed to get harder on the feet.

The walk down the Glen was quite nice and reasonably flat. A Gamekeeper in a Landrover waved at us as we moved onto the grass as he passed making his way up the Glen. Just as we nearer Spey Dam a couple of Kilometers further along, the same Gamekeeper in the Landrover was making his way back down the road but this time with a passenger- it was fellow challenger Rob. This was obviously bad news and learned later that he had not been too well and had to pull out of the challenge for health reasons.

Passing Spey Dam, we managed to get some foot relief by following another sort section of track which led us onto the main Laggan road near the Wolftrax Mountain Bike Centre. We crossed the road and walked along the Green mountain bike trail to save us about a kilometer of road bashing before heading onto the Dalwhinnie road.

We hadnt walked far until we saw the welcoming site of the Pottery Bunkhouse and Coffee shop. Here we stopped for Coffee, tea and a sandwich.


This was a great little pitstop, but we had many miles of road walking to go and we were keen to get going. This part of the road was fairly busy and we were glad to soon reach the minor road to Glentrium which was much quiter. Here we met other challengers and it was good to catch up again with Freddie and Garry.

Luch was at the Centre of Scotland stone, then we carried on in the heat towards Glentrium. At this point, the combination of the heat and pounding the road were taking their effect on our poor feet! We were going strong and soon reached Glentrium and followed the cycle path to Newtonmore with Donna for company along the way.

On reaching Newtonmore, we managed to get a room for the night at the hostel and had a welcome shower. Fellow challengers Eddie and Alistair turned up whom were also staying at the hostel that night.

Late afternoon my parents drove up from Aberlour to meet us and I exchanged some old for new camera batteries for our trip.

In the evening we went to the Glen Hotel to a meal. It was busy with many a hungry challenger and workmen from the new monstrosity wind farm substation being built a couple kilometers west of Garva Bridge.

We enjoyed our meal and a couple of pints chatting with other challengers before retiring for the night back across the road at the hostel.

Day 6 was to be a rest day and we moved onto the Campsite on the outskirts of Newtonmore having a nice easy day!