We awoke to a slightly damp start on our third day of our adventure. We had both slept well and was as eager as ever to pack up and get going.

Like the previous morning, the cloud was low, but we were soon on our way walking along 4km or so of pleasant single track road to Torgyle Bridge to cross the River Moriston.

Just as we reached the bridge, Willie had caught up with us and walked with us along the 200 meters of the A887 road until we reached the forestry track which would lead us onto the Old Military road that climbs over the hill to Fort Augustus- our destination for the night.

This part of the route climbs up over the Inchnacardoch Forest and started with a moderate climb along a forestry track. We could have opted for a slightly shorter ascent by following the track straight up that follows the large pylons near to the summit of the pass, but this would have been less pleasant and not so scenic. We decided to stick to the old military road all the way up to the top of the pass which rejoins the track near the summit. This was a dog leg or and more like going round three sides of a square, but the walking was more pleasant.

The weather cleared up and the sun came out briefly, then a short heavy shower came along. Fifteen minutes later we had blue skies again and the weather improved as the day went on. I seem to recall, that no sooner than I had donned my waterproofs- the shower had died out and I kept my waterproofs on for a short while afterwards just in case, but the rain had ceased for sure and I was begining to over heat. Yet another stop to take the waterproofs off!

We were nearing the top of the pass and back onto large fresh bulldozed track country briefly following the towering Beauly- Denny Pylon line.

At this stage, we started meeting some people again- a couple bikepacking and more challenges congregating. we met Rob, Donna and Barbera and walked the last few kilometers down a lovely path which wound its way down through the woods into Fort Augustus.

It was now a lovely warm day and being Sunday afternoon- Fort Augustus was teeming with people and challengers too! We stopped at a shop for something to eat and drink before heading to the campsite to set up camp. The campsite itself was fantastic- an area the size of a football pitch for and cyclists only which was flat as a bowling green!

There was plenty of sun and a fresh breeze, so we set up tent right in the middle to dry it out, being damp from the previous nights light showers.

In no time at all, it was soon dry. The rest of the afternoon was spent meeting up with some of the family whom had driven to Fort Augustus to meet us and we went for a late lunch at one of the Pubs by the Locks in the centre of Fort Augustus.

We were still on fine form and it was good to reach civilisation and have some proper food, a good shower and get our clothes properly washed for the next leg of our trip.